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Here at Tommy J. Baugh, DDS, your dentist, Dr. Tommy Baugh, uses dental bridges to restore the presence and function of a missing tooth. While he crafts each bridge from artificial materials that will not be subject to tooth decay, your bridge’s lifespan can still be threatened by gum disease.

In its advanced form, chronic gum disease, which is known as periodontitis, can cause your gums to gradually recede from the base of your teeth. This promotes infection and inflammation in the gum tissues at the base of the teeth that are anchoring your bridge.

If left unchecked, periodontitis can cause a loss bone structure near the base of the abutments, resulting in the loss of one or both anchor points.

Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing each evening will help remove plaque and food particles from your teeth before they can harden into tartar. If you are having trouble cleaning around the bridge, you might want to try using an interdental brush, a floss threader with waxy floss or a dental water jet.

If you’re concerned about how to adequately maintain the health of your dental bridge in Houston, Texas, you can always call 281-484-1006 to speak to a member of the team at our office.