A Chipped Bridge Needs Attention and Treatment by a Dentist

While bridgework is commonly fashioned from very durable dental-grade materials, it is still possible for it to suffer some damage. This can come from an unprotected blow to the face during sports or something as simple as grinding your teeth while you sleep. Even if the damaged bridge doesn’t cause you distress or heightened sensitivity,… Read more »

The Toothache Quiz

Toothaches are often caused and associated with pain and discomfort due to damaged nerve endings in a tooth’s pulp. If your pulp is damaged, your tooth could become infected and die. For more information about toothaches, take the following quiz: True or False: Toothaches that don’t go away after 24 hours may require professional treatment…. Read more »

Do You Have Stained Teeth? We Can Help!

You probably know that your teeth could turn yellow if you don’t care for them well. However, did you know that your teeth could also turn black, especially if you suffer some kind of trauma? Similarly, while you probably know that teeth whitening can benefit yellow teeth, do you know what you could do if… Read more »

Gum Disease Complications Can Threaten the Lifespan of Your Bridge

Here at , your dentist, Dr. , uses dental bridges to restore the presence and function of a missing tooth. While crafts each bridge from artificial materials that will not be subject to tooth decay, your bridge’s lifespan can still be threatened by gum disease. In its advanced form, chronic gum disease, which is known… Read more »

Do You Have Sensitive Teeth but Still Want Them White? We Can Help!

Are you unhappy with the color of your teeth? Are you interested in teeth whitening but worried about the treatment because you have sensitive teeth? If so, there are a few things you can do to protect your pearly whites while avoiding painful or uncomfortable side effects. If you’re interested in whitening your teeth, you… Read more »

Dental Fillings and Crowns Can Repair Areas of Tooth Decay

Neglecting your personal dental care can have some unfortunate effects on your oral health, such as developing cavities on your teeth as plaque and sugar mix to make acid. This acid eats at your enamel and leaves pits in it that can cause further problems. There are many ways you can help to prevent cavities…. Read more »

How Proper Nutrition and Your Child’s Health Are Connected

As you know, your diet can have a huge impact on your overall health. But did you know that your diet can also impact your dental health? Furthermore, your child’s diet can have a major impact on their dental health. Naturally, foods like sugar and coffee can have an immediate impact, but the vitamins and… Read more »

Halloween, Hygiene, and You

Do you ever get discouraged this time of year knowing how hard it may seem to keep your oral health at optimum levels? Luckily, our wonderful team of dentists at , is always here to help you. Below is a list of a few simple tasks you can accomplish on your road to success: –… Read more »

Why You Should Not Ignore Your Bleeding Gums

Many people think that bleeding gums aren’t a big deal. Similarly, several people seem to ignore them entirely. Unfortunately, bleeding gums aren’t normal and could actually be a sign of significant problems. However, please don’t misunderstand—bleeding gums might not always be a sign of trouble. For instance, would you be surprised to learn that if… Read more »

A Tooth Missing in Your Smile Can Easily Be Replaced by a Dental Implant

If a tooth in your smile has been knocked out or lost, it can leave you feeling self-conscious and less able to bite off common foods. It could even slur your speech and impact your overall quality of life. One of the best methods for restoring the tooth’s presence in your smile is to have… Read more »